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Tae Kwon Do is a military martial art and, as such, respect and discipline play an important part in the proper development and execution of the art.  There are a number of rules at national and regional levels that must be followed.  Individual Instructors also set specific rules for their own classes.  The following rules apply to all the Target TAGB Tae Kwon-Do schools.

  1. No smoking whilst wearing a Dobok, regardless of the location.
  2. No gum  chewing in the Dojang.
  3. No jewellery of any description (including watches, rings, necklaces or bracelets) may be worn in the Dojang. Fixed earrings must be covered with tape (please supply this yourself as we cannot guarantee to provide it). Clip on earrings must be removed. Please remove all jewellery before entering the Dojang (preferably leave it at home).
  4. Students should never leave class for a break, water or an early dismissal without permission.
  5. Never lose your temper in the Dojang - especially during sparring.
  6. Never lean on walls or lay spread out on the floor unless while exercising.
  7. Students must keep finger and toe nails clipped short and clean.
  8. Keep your uniform clean at all times. Sleeves should not be rolled up without permission of the Instructor, and never at gradings.
  9. No messing around, whistling or loud talking in the Dojang. Disruptive students will be given punishment exercises and may, if disruption continues, be asked to leave the class.
  10. Before asking a question, raise your hand to attract the Instructor’s attention and wait to be acknowledged.
  11. While in the Dojang, always address Instructors as “Sir” or “Ma’am” and never by their first names.
  12. Students should behave in a disciplined manner while training.
  13. Bow, facing inwards, before entering or leaving the Dojang.
  14. Respect all members, especially those of senior grade.
  15. While fixing or adjusting your Dobok or belt, do not face the Instructor.
  16. Any student who is late for class must wait for the Instructor’s permission, come to the front of the class, and bow to the Instructor before joining the class. Lateness is disruptive and students should strive to be on time.
  17. Avoid eating or drinking while wearing your Dobok. If you must, always remove your belt first.
  18. In line up, maintain silence at all times unless you are asked to answer a specific question, keep still, face your Instructor and wait to be told what to do. Do not fidget, talk or look around the room.
  19. Training fees are payable monthly in advance. Any adjustment of fees is at the Instructor’s discretion and by prior agreement only.
  20. Training fees are due within the first seven days of every calendar month. The Instructor reserves the right to levy a late payment penalty of £5 if fees are more than a week overdue. The build up of arrears is not acceptable and training may be refused if fees are not up to date.
  21. Long hair, including long fringes, is potentially dangerous in a martial arts environment, as it can obscure vision, and must therefore always be tied back in the Dojang.
  22. Conduct of the student outside of the Dojang reflects on the Instructor, the Association and the Art. Misuse of techniques taught in the Dojang, or any acts of aggression, will lead to disciplinary action, which may include temporary or permanent exclusion from training.